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Graduate Institute of Services and Technology Management
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Graduate School Introduction

  •  Origin

The origin of the Graduate School in Service and Technology Management (abbreviated below as the School) is to train students with skills in R&D innovation and management in response to the needs of the economy in industry development and service innovation. The School was approved by the Ministry of Education for enrolment in 2012.

  • Curriculum design

The School integrates current resources and equipment in the College of Management. Courses are centred around service innovation management and taught by selected qualified teaching staff in the College. Mandatory courses are Service and Technology Management, System Innovation Application Methods, Research Methods, etc. There are three modules for electives, including Industry Technology Management, Technology in Service and Management, Innovation and Innovation Management, etc. The characteristics of the curriculum are as follows. 

  • Industry Technology Management

The focus is on application of industry technology and training of skilled people. Courses include Quality Management Systems, Global Logistics, Operational Strategy and Management, and Green Industry Management.

  • Technology in Service and Management

The focus is on incorporating Information Technology into service management. Main courses include E-Commerce Management, Statistical Methods and Application, Cloud Service and Planning, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, etc.

  •  Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The focus is on training of entrepreneurial talents through Idea Generation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Courses include Innovation and Entrepreneurial Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Finance and Risk Management, Managerial Psychology, etc.

  • Characteristics

The main goals and development focus of the School is to integrate service innovation and technology. The characteristics are: 

  •  Integration of service science and innovation

There is a teaching emphasis on strategic, managerial and human innovation. In addition to theory and case studies, there is use of practicum and invited speech to enhance problem solving capabilities to improve students’ abilities in service innovation in creating sustainable values for businesses.  

  •  Integration of technology management and innovation

The School develops knowledge-intensive service innovation management through focusing on service processes and quality improvement based on strategic innovation. This results in business efficiency and effectiveness and elevates values for industry.

  • Integration of service technology and business intelligence

The School develops for user-focused business decision knowledge for Leisure Service Industry through combining service technology and digitalization by using the University’s business simulation platform.